Sharing Something "Scent-imental"

Laura Barry & Jim Graves are the power duo that started it all. The real estate business partners recognized a long time ago how scent is an integral part in the process of selling luxury properties. A process they are very familiar with as the #1 Agents in San Diego County, by sales volume.

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  • Organic + Natural

    All natural waxes, like soy, burn slower than cheaply manufactured waxes. This simply means your candle will last longer. Not only that but our proprietary blend of wax is non-toxic. Traditional paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and can contain various toxins, carcinogens, and air pollutants.

  • Sustainable

    Taking into consideration sustainability, health, and burn quality, it's clear that soy waxes emerge as the top contender for the healthiest candle waxes to burn, and the most eco-friendly too. Win-Win.

  • Aesthetic

    When it comes to setting the mood of your space, aesthetics and scent can come together and create a harmony. We find that luxury is in the details.

A Rich Indulgence

We hold the belief that our fragrance serves as an exquisite adornment for a room. Just as finely crafted furniture or elegant fabrics evoke emotions, the delicate scent that fills the space similarly weaves a tapestry of feelings.

Our collection comprises of meticulously handcrafted, all natural fragrances. The Scents that Sell™ orchestrate an enchanting and opulent bouquet - a personal favorite in our journey of embellishing spaces. Our aspiration is for these aromas to extend an invitation of luxury into your daily living - a rich indulgence you truly deserve.

As featured in Ranch & Coast Magazine, Rancho Santa Fe Review, Del Mar Times, Solana Beach Sun and the San Diego Business Journal

"If you have something luxurious, a scent that works well with the design and everything else you have people linger longer."

-Laura Barry